Rubens to Makart – Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections

Albertina, from 16. February 2019

Works ranging from the painting Venus by Peter Paul Rubens to the life-sized bronze sculpture of Christ in Distress by Adriaen de Vries and the recently acquired Bronze Bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, as well as selected artistic treasures from the family’s world-famous collection of Biedermeier works, will stand at the center of this presentation.

City links. Vienna – Bratislava
Technisches Museum

How are cities linked up? Vienna Technical Museum is answering this question by examining two historic public transport lines, both of which form part of transport infrastructure still in use today: Otto Wagner’s Wiener Stadtbahn metropolitan railway and the “Pressburger Elektrische” Vienna-Bratislava electric railway.

The Eye of Brazil. Kurt Klagsbrunn

Jewish Museum Dorotheergasse, 05 Dec 2018 to 19 May 2019

The photographer Kurt Klagsbrunn, born in Vienna in 1918, captured modern life in Brazil from 1939 until the 1970s. He photographed the parties of the wealthy and the leisure activities of the common people.


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Exhibition space
City of Women

Female Artists in Vienna from 1900 to 1938

Lower Belvedere, 25 January 2019 to 19 May 2019

Today, hardly anyone knows who they were, even though they made a part of art history: artists such as Elena Luksch-Makowsky, Helene Funke, and Erika Giovanna Klien contributed significantly to Viennese Modernism and artistic trends that manifested after the First World War. To commemorate these artists, their art, and their emancipatory achievements, a retrospective has now been staged in the Lower Belvedere.
The exhibition expands the view of Viennese Modernism and focuses on those women who actively helped shape the art scene at the beginning of the twentieth century.
By establishing their own artists’ associations, they were able to network and become active in the art scene.

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Exhibition space
KHM, till 30th June 2019

Mark Rothko (1903–1970) was among the most remarkable artists of the twentieth century. This exhibition, the first ever to be mounted in Austria, presents a survey of Rothko’s career through
more than forty major paintings to explore ideas of the sacred, the spiritual, the tragic and the timeless. The artist’s children, Kate and Christopher have been closely involved in the project from its very beginning, and have themselves kindly lent a number of paintings from the family collection.

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Exhibition space
Pattern and Decoration
Ornament as Promise

mumok, 23rd February - 08th September 2019

Ornament as Promise was the premise of the Pattern and Decoration movement in the United States (1975–1985). In this exhibition, mumok presents the rich collection of works from this movement of Peter and Irene Ludwig, With oriental-style mosaics, monumental textile collages, paintings, installations, and performances. In the 1970s committed feminist artists aimed to bring color, formal diversity, and emotion back into art. Decoration played a key role, with its connotations of the techniques of artisanship.

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